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"JUMA" tannery started its operation in 1998. At the beginning, it dealt with the production of women?s shoes. After 10 years of footwear production and many years of experience, the company has developed its activity in the tannery industry. Initially, the leathers were produced exclusively for own production needs. 
New technologies and modern machinery in the tannery business allowed us for dynamic development in the leather sector. Due to the large interest in our leathers, we decided to limit the production of footwear and focus all attention on the tannery.

Today, we produce leathers in different technologies and different finishes.
We are open for business contacts with other leather manufacturers and chemical companies, both in terms of the latest technologies and issues related to marketing and management.
We have extensive contacts with tanneries, machine manufacturers, chemical companies in Italy and Germany. Therefore, we always offer the highest quality leathers in line with current fashion trends. Our experience and new technologies allow us to produce high quality products. We are open for cooperation and your suggestions.